What can we do now to save our planet?

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You are invited – by J Henry Fair

The emergence of COVID-19 and the SARS-COV-2 virus have shifted the public focus from the threat of climate change and the general environmental crisis to countries internal affairs. What are your thoughts on that? What needs to be done now to pick up the fight for a sustainable future again? Help J Henry Fair and Armin Voelckers to collect opinions, ideas and initiatives from around the globe by sending your video statement.

World Student Challenge 2021-2025:

„Visions of a cleaner, greener
and more sustainable Future“


Putting sustainability front and center, the World Student Challenge 2021-2025 is looking for visions of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future.

In cooperation with artists J Henry Fair and Armin Völckers, House of Mentors will host exhibitions on the link between humans and nature, which will be part of a tour across 10 European cities.

Students from all over the world will be exposed to not only the inspiring art work, but also the concept of the World Student Challenge and its mission to encourage and support young people in their quest to change the world.

Help J Henry and Armin to collect opinions, ideas and initiatives from around the globe by SENDING YOUR VIDEO STATEMENT. Keep it short and simple within 1:30 min.

    The 50 best competition entries will each receive an annual pack (6 sachets of their choice (mint/strawberry, with/without fluoride). For details see denttabs.com

    The three best contest entries will each receive 6 cans of Spiruli. For details see spiruli.com