We build the bridges…

…to mentors, who really bring you and your idea forward. They give you advice in sharing their experience with you.

We are a network of mentors from all over Europe aiming to support your idea to get the best chance of realization. Currently we are mentoring students from Austria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Danmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakei, Sweden and UK.

Thanx to J Henry Fair, Artist, the Mentors and our Team for supporting the World Student Challenge 2021-25!


Why with us

House of Mentors is a nonprofit organization founded on a purely private initiative in Frankfurt, Germany more than 10 years ago. We support students and their ideas personally and sustainably. We are not a finance-driven incubator looking for new start-ups.

All our mentors are senior professionals who pass their personal and professional experiences pro bono to the younger generation. The House of Mentors is entirely financed by donations. We focus on developing and organizing worldwide competitions and presentations for mentors, mentees and sponsors.

Dr. Christian Garbe
Mentor, Natural Sciences/Biotechnology

“Today innovations emerge at the interface of sciences. The key is to deliver a fertile ground for these innovations and to develop productive cooperation.”

Maria José Bernschein
Mentor, Business and Finance

“I am a mentor… because I want to share my personal and professional experience with the next generation.”

Regina van Dinther
Former President of the Parliament of North Rhine Westphalia
Mentor, Politics and Public Governance

“I am a mentor… because I want to open doors for young people leading to political decision takers.”

Dr. Garnet Kasperk
Mentor, Automotive Technology & Management

“I am a mentor… because I want to return all the support I received during my career.”

Tom Grom
Mentor, Spacecraft Engineering

“I am a mentor because…supporting a young student is mostly rewarding and something valuable.”

Florian von Heintze
Mentor, Communications and PR

“I am a mentor… because I want to help young talents to connect, develop and get the attention they deserve”

Axel Kaiser
Mentor, Founder of denttabs.

“I am a mentor… because it is our duty to pass our knowldge and experiences on to the next generations.”

Sustainability, climate, environment

Against the background of the scarcity of natural resources, climate change and the growth of the world population, sustainability also plays an important role in the projects we support.

It is important to reconcile economic, environmental and social needs in order to create a sustainable future. Across industries, this requires a high degree of commitment and readiness to change.

In this way, we would like to accompany young people and look for innovative solutions.

Founder Martin Weiss

„I aim…

to inspire/motivate young people to start thinking about their (professional) future early on.

to develop sustainable ideas, to encourage others to realize their ideas as a team .

to reward the best ideas with financial and professional support.“

Curriculum vitae

As a former Managing Director Global Markets Investmentbanking at Deutsche Bank AG, Martin has broad experience in Banking and Finance with institutional clients in Germany and Eastern Europe. Over the years he has built up a broad network in business, politics, media and culture.

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Martin Weiss

Founder House of Mentors

Team and partnerships

A dedicated team with a large network of mentors across Europe and strong partners with online platforms, giving us direct access to over a million students.

Gregor Knapp

“Giving knowledge and experience to the next generation, should be a commitment and thanks to those who helped me in crucial situations.”

We are particularly proud of the “World Student Challenge”, our annual competition, to which many of young people register. Since 2018 all over Europe, under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

World Student Challenge 2021-25

How you can support us

Donations are always appreciated! The “Haus der Mentoren gGmbH” promotes the following charitable causes:

  • schooling
  • public and professional education, including student support
  • international attitude, tolerance in all areas of culture and the concept of international understanding
  • civic participation

Donations that help us in the implementation and long-term realization of our projects are highly welcome. You would like to financially participate in the projects of the “Haus der Mentoren gGmbH”?

Donate and state the project you would like to participate in on the transfer form:

Haus der Mentoren gGmbH
IBAN: DE82 5007 0024 0326 5717 00

Please note that in order for us to be able to send you a donation receipt, you need to state your address on the transfer form.

Five good reasons for mentoring

Be an ambassador

Your executives and professionals will be prepared to serve as ambassadors for your company in our one-on-one mentoring sessions and in small groups. You yourself can prevent young people from making bad decisions that affect each individual’s career.

Seek out exchange

In our Mentoring-Network, you benefit from personal exchange with other specialists and executives in business, administration and politics.

Be a motivator

Share your experience and knowledge with others.

Establish connections

Our communication channels enable you to reach young people invested in planning their career or looking for orientation and guidance.


Our Mentoring-Network regularly offers its members the opportunity to mentor young talents in and from universities.

Join the team

The House of Mentors is located in the historical „Villa Bonn“, in the heart of Frankfurt.

Here the annual award ceremonies of the „World Student Challenge“ take place to which we cordially invite all our mentors. Please contact us and become a mentor.

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    Please complete and sign the form. Return it by mail or e-mail to: m.weiss@haus-der-mentoren.de