You have the idea…

…for a sustainable product, an innovative service or even for a start-up, that revolutionize a whole industry?

Then you should share your idea with us. Even if it is still at the very beginning, only exists as a picture in your head, your vision should get the chance to grow together with us.


Visions of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future

Putting sustainability front and center, the World Student Challenge 2021-25 is looking for visions for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future.

Whether it’s a product or service or something else completely different – all it takes is an innovative idea and application and we will help them get started with a team of experts from various industries who will act as mentors and offer their expertise, guidance and support in realizing their idea.

Additionally, each year the finalists will be awarded with a cash prize that will help them kick start their innovation.

In cooperation with artists J Henry Fair and Armin Völckers, Haus der Mentoren will host exhibitions on the link between humans and nature, which will be part of a tour across 10 European cities.

Students from all over the world will be exposed to not only the inspiring art work, but also the concept of the World Student Challenge and its mission to encourage and support young people in their quest to change the world.

You can only win – more than just money:
know-how and valuable contacts!

We are very much looking forward to your participation and you will receive our guaranty that your idea will be treated confidentialy – promised!

The World Student Challenge 2021 offers the opportunity, to meet professional experts who will give you a fundamental feedback on your idea. In a second step your idea will be developed to a promising concept together with our highly qualified mentors.

Sounds great? Then you should sign up for the “World Student Challenge”.


Does your idea solve a problem in the following areas?

Design/Creativity, Service, Energy/Environment, Nutrition/Health/Sports, Mobility, Software/IT, Processing

Deadline: 30th April 2021

Wait for feedback from jury and get a mentor from us.

After receiving your application documents, a jury will decide whether your idea can participate in the competition. If so, you’ll get a mentor.

Deadline: 15th May 2021

Together with the mentor, your idea will be further developed.

Deadline: 31th October 2021

And the winner is …

The best realized concepts will be determined by a top-class jury of experts and awarded prizes at a closing event.

Award Ceremony: December 2021

Under the patronage of…

Oliver Wittke

former Parliamentary Secretary of State in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Peter Beuth

Hessian Minister of the Interior and for Sports

Welcome to innovative ideas

Innovations are not only crucial to our material well-being, they are also problem solvers for our current and future social, demographic and environmental challenges.

Some of these challenges are global in nature and call for global solutions. But these global solutions also start in local applications.

The first step always takes place somewhere in the field. If the direction turns out to be good, other steps will follow elsewhere. Always and urgently, the world needs good ideas that are tried out successfully on a small scale and thus become an innovation.

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Young Talents wanted

Industry 4.0 is changing our professional world rapidly: it is getting more and more global, digital and connected. Decentralized, interdisciplinary teams, living and working together across the globe, framed by intercultural communication are just a few of the challenges today’s students are confronted with.

It is therefore crucial that students learn early on where innovation-based products or workflows can be improved or gaps can be closed by new ones.

This is where the World Student Challenge starts, building bridges between committed students at universities all over the world and professionals in business, culture, sports and politics.

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